Hi I'm Mano one of the remaining founding members of South Coast Warriors and I'd like to share with you the roots of how I and some of our members came to be South Coast Warriors

The start Mid 1999 I was introduced to a new online game?.DF2. A few of us from work went online one night to try it. A new world opened up for me. M@no, J@iler, X@ero and M@tt took to the exciting world of 56k internet with Mugger and SimE following.
We played CTF..used Battle Comm for voice comms (imagine that on 56k lol). We could fight a 6v6 (as long as 1 of us was not at work). We wondered why the names of the players had initials after them. We soon found out that they stood for the clans name. Hmmmmm We need those we thought.but what?......

OKwhere do we live, what are we and we have fun playing.Soooooooooo

South Coast Warriors SCW formed 21st. Sept.1999

We had M@tt hosting our matches (as he was first to get ADSL) and he could host an 8v8 (when we could get enough players lol).A lone puppy called Nobody strayed by one day and the rest is history. From that, 5 years later, it has ended up with it's own bank account, 2 great servers, a comms server, a cool web site that's hosted and a clan of nearly 40 strong that have bonded so strongly, they meet every year.

Only through the people within this clan, have we survived this long.


We will NOT cheat, or use known game glitches. We will NOT whinge, complain or accuse other players of cheating.

We will NOT type anything negative to other players or between ourselves while in a match or game.

We will NOT trash talk during matches or games. JOKES are ok, as long as it is in fun.

We will uphold the SCW name to the utmost of our ability.

We will take our wins as we take our losses, with dignity and laughter.

All problems, complaints, ideas, etc, must go through the squad leadership. We will work hard to ensure no one in SCW is unhappy.

ALL squad issues will remain within the squad.

SCW will treat their allies with the respect they are due and should assist each other in every possible way.

All applicants must be 18 or over.

SCW hosts a respected server you will be required to pay a percentage for the game/web server upkeep either a quarterly donation or a monthly direct debit.

Look after your squads name.